Package Products List

  1. Venus Canola Oil

    This product is a premium oil that is trans fat free and low in saturated fats - an ideal oil to offer health conscious consumers. It is particularly suited for salads, woks and all light frying. It contains no cholesterol.
  2. Transition TF Deep Frying Oil

    Transition is an excellent oil for deep frying applications, as it improves food flavour and appearance. It has a very light taste. Transition has a long fry life similar to hydrogenated shortenings without the hydrogenation. It has no trans fats and no c
  3. Hubbert's Peanut Oil

    A unique light-tasting oil for salads, sauteing and deep frying. It imparts that "old world" nutty flavour to foods.
  4. Venus Vegetable Oil

    An all purpose vegetable oil for general cooking and frying, it is Trans fat free. It is excellent for salad dressing and light frying where fry fat turnover is sufficiently high.
  5. Transition NH, All Purpose Palm Shortening

    An all purpose shortening that can be used for baking to deep fat frying. This versatile product has a wide plastic range that makes it ideal for baking, while its high smoke point, stability and blandness make it suitable for all types of cooking, witho