Transition NH, All Purpose Palm Shortening

An all purpose shortening that can be used for baking to deep fat frying. This versatile product has a wide plastic range that makes it ideal for baking, while its high smoke point, stability and blandness make it suitable for all types of cooking, without causing any flavour transfer between foods.

Quality Assurance:
This product is manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and is packaged in a HACCP recognized facility.

Regulatory Compliance:
Kosher Approved. Conforms to the Food and Drugs Act of Canada

Pure fats are not attacked by microbiological species, since there must be a nutrient- containing aqueous phase in which the organism can grow. The moisture content of this product is below 0.1%; at this moisture level product will not support any microbial growth.

Correct Handling and Storage:
Care must be taken during storage and shipment to avoid damaging the flavour. Store at room temperature (68° F - 77° F). Vegetable Oils, no matter how carefully packaged, will pick up flavours if stored near items giving strong off odors.

Shelf life: 
One year after packing date. The shelf life will be affected by storage conditions such as temperature, humidity and light.

Packaging: 20 kg cube.

Ingredients: Palm Oil