Our Products

Export Products

Our continued success and steady growth over the years has made us a market leader in production of healthy and hygienic meat-based products in the Canadian and USA markets resulting to increased demand for our quality meat products worldwide.

We have expanded our operations beyond geographical boundaries to have other world markets taste the best from Hubberts.

We are health conscious and produce products that are cholesterol-free tallow, trans-fat free and low in saturated fats to enhance the well-being of all.

Having become an Agriculture Canada inspected plant; we are able to ship meat-based products everywhere. Today, Hubberts’ exceptional products are shipped to every part of Ontario and East through to Newfoundland, U.S.A, Poland, and Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Pacific Rim and any country where Canadian Meat Products are accepted.

Hubberts Company has its fingers in a large variety of Oil brands. It primarily focuses on production and distribution of Oils, Fats and Shortenings. Our foreseeable strategy is to make Hubberts’ products a readily available brand in every household across the globe.

Package Products

When it comes to packaged products, you can’t get any better than Hubberts. We have a recognized and established Vegetable oil packaging division that obtained kosher status in 1993.

The new installed packaging line enhances the packaging process making our packaged products outstanding.

Hubberts is also a private label packer for a number of Food Service Companies in Canada.  The company follows HACCP procedures and manufactures its products in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) that guarantees you safety.

Bulk Products

Due to the ever-increasing domestic and export market, Hubberts bought a new avenue of purchasing and distribution with the addition of a rail siding in 2004 to facilitate smooth transportation of bulk products to its opportune markets.

Bulk rail tankers could now deliver a wider range of products opening the door for trading with distant partners.

Hubberts continues to expand its product base with evolving consumer demands. Healthy products for our consumers are our priority. Irrespective of where you are, we look forward to reaching you and sharing our success.